Adapting to a Rapidly Changing Environment

With the pace of change being extreme in today’s business world, people who can adapt rapidly are usually the most successful. You can’t afford to lag your competitors.

To be successful with change, you must gain new skills.

Jeff Haden in his article: “How To Master Any Skill (No Talent Required)”, talks about not only applying the hard work to learn a skill but the need to get out there and make mistakes to really master a skill.  Jeff goes on to show several examples about how this works.

You can’t be timid and wait until you master a skill, you need to go ahead and make mistakes.  You need to also learn how to minimize the impact of those mistakes, however.


The Importance of Selling Yourself

Be it project management, business or consulting, selling yourself is essential.

As a Project Manager, you market confidence. You lead your team, giving them clear direction toward achieving the end goal of the project. You sell confidence to your sponsors, showing them that you know where the project is and where it is going. If an issue comes up, you communicate not only the issue but the contingency and the impact both short and long term.

In your own business, not only are you selling a product but you also are selling the experience. With the interface between you and the customer, it is the relationship that is developed that is critical to get the business long term. If you are using sales people to interface with the customer, you need to establish the overall approach so that the relationship is established and nurtured.

With consulting, you must establish from the beginning that the purpose of the interaction is to solve problems that will add value to the client.

Before the next interaction, think about how you will come across in a positive, helpful, way that will establish a valuable relationship for the customer.